Heartwings Love Notes 352: Shaking Up to Settle Down

Heartwings Love Notes 352: Shaking Up to Settle Down

Heartwings says, “Sometimes a shakeup is necessary in order that opportunities may come to call.”

How happy we are to have new blue carpeting in our sunroom. Yet the day the three pipes burst and flooded the original carpet I was extremely upset and frazzled. Imagine seeing water gushing from your heating system in three places and trying to stem the tide. I had no idea how to turn off the water for that part of the house. Imagine opening your garage door seeing water and bits of wallboard raining down on your car. I lost it; I started hollering; I was frantic.

Now as I contemplate the lovely carpet that matches the curtains and the rearranged, much better organized room that emerged from this shakeup I rejoice in the outcome of what was initially a very uncomfortable experience. It may be that once in a while I need an unexpected upset not only to shake me out of my usual habit patterns but also to show me what else is possible.

When we first moved in and arranged the room we had less in it. Items were added as we acquired them. That the way it was, was not the best it could be had never occurred to us. We were simply working with what was already there. This is also true in life. Habit patterns evolve: I may take the same road simply because I have always gone that way and then one day I take a different route because I must and unexpectedly it works better.

Although we wondered why the room was always cold, if the pipes had not frozen we would never have known that the thermostat did not work properly. The serviceable though unattractive carpet that was there when we bought the house was adequate and regardless how much we disliked it we would never have replaced it voluntarily. The new furniture arrangement was an absolutely unexpected bonus. Truly, although I might not have thought so at the time, I am so grateful for all that occurred.

May you discover unexpected blessings from what appears to be disaster.

Source: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives