Spell – A- Day – Tribute to Mother Tongue Spell

Spell – A- Day – Tribute to Mother Tongue Spell

In Bangladesh, this is Shaheed Day. Tribute is paid today to one’s mother language, and thanks are given for the freedom and gift to speak it. Light a candle today in honor of the freedom you have to use your mother language. Gaze into the candle flame, and give thanks to all those that have fought for this freedom. Give thanks for the many different ways that people fight for freedom around the world. Pause and consider that many of these battles are fought peaceably, while many require sacrifice and blood. Make a pledge to be grateful for all the freedoms that that you have. As you gaze into the flame, consider how you can contribute to the cause of freedom for others who still may lack it, and for future generations whose battles for freedom are still unknown. Ask how you can become a flame for freedom and justice. Make a list of those things that you feel you can honestly do and create a plan to take action.

By: Kristin Madden,  and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast