The Witches Magick for Jan. 16th – Change for the Better Spell

Witchy Comments

You will need for this spell:




A chalice of water

A pile of white stones

A white candle

A pink candle

A blue candle

A violet candle a yellow candle

A poppet

A picture of someone you wish to transform into a better person

For this spell I suggest you use an actual circle of earth, stones or anything else instead of using an athame or incense to inscribe it. Place the white candle in the center of the circle with the blue candle at the north, the yellow candle at the south, pink to the west and violet to the east. Place the pile of white stones in the center of the circle around the base of the candle. To get maximum power into the spell, place your pentacle at the base of the blue candle, you athame at the base of the pink, the wand at the yellow and the chalice at the violet.

Call corners, saluting each direction with your sword, invoking Hapy (N), Imset (S), Duamutef (E), and Quebehsnuf (W), saying each time:

“Hail ______, Lord of the Watchtower of the _____, let your strength be one with mine.”

Place the poppet with the picture tied in place onto the head, into the white candle and say:

“Let the flame of white burn into thee purity.”

Move up to each of the other candles in this order: NWSE, saying:

“Let the flame of blue burn into thee peace and truth

Let the flame of pink burn into thee happiness

Let the flame of yellow burn into thee joy

Let the flame of violet burn into thee insight and intuition.”

Ground power by jabbing your sword into the earth at the center, North and South, saying:

“Circle open, but unbroken.”

Then jab at the West and East, saying:

“Power down, to the ground”

Smother the flames of each candle with the tip of your sword in this order – Center, N, S, W, E.

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