List of (C) Herbs And Their Uses In Incenses

Calamus Root: Can be used to bind, or strengthen spells. Also has a good reputation for overturning malicious spells or energies. Often used in spells and potions to attract a lover.

Calendula Flowers(Marigold): Basic powers of love and clairvoyance. Can be added to love sachets. Place flowers under the pillow at night to promote clairvoyant dreams.

CAMELLIA Love, healing, protection, riches.

CAMPHOR  Element is Water. Awakens past life memories, stimulates psychic awareness, health, divination. Planet is Moon and Saturn

Cardamon  Used in love or lust spells. Add to love sachets or incense. Add ground seeds to warm wine or mead for a quick lust potion.

Cassia Bark:  Prosperity and love. Can be added to formulas for extra strength. Carry in green cloth to attract money.

CAPER Potency, love, luck, trust.

Cardamon: potency for love

CARNATION Protection, love, strength, healing.

CATNIP:  Used in: Cat Magik, Animals, Dreams, Luck, Healing

Cedarwood: Burned as an incense to consecrate wands, for baby blessings, and wiccanings. Also burned to invoke Odin. Can be carried in the wallet or purse to attract money. Also good in moth repellent sachets

Celery Seed Burn with Orris Root to increase psychic powers, or with a drop of Basil oil to increase psychic powers.

Chamomile: As an incense Chamomile creates a peaceful atmosphere and helps with centering. Sprinkle it around the house for protection, health and wealth. Good for purifing, it can be burnt to break bad habits and drive out negative thoughts. The tea helps digestion, nervousness and sleep, when cooled use as a rinse for fair hair. Chamomile in hot water used as a facial steam helps acne and greasy skin

Chamomile Flowers:  Used to promote restful states of sleep. Can be used in sleep pillows, with Hops and Lavender. Can also be used in perosperity charms and incense

Chaparell: Highly protective. Can be used in spells and charms, or scattered around the home, or ritual space, for protection.

CHERRY Love, direction, magickal potency, money, lust.

Cinnamon: Good for spells for love, success, psychic ability, healing and cleansing. Use in charms for prosperity, cinnamon oil makes a good oil for anointin

Cinnamon Bark: Burn to raise high spiritual vibrations, and to aid clairvoyance. Also used for prosperity

CLOVER Money, protection, potency, love.

COLTSFOOT Love and visions.

Comfrey: Used for travel and spells for wealth and healing. Comfrey honours the Godess’ Crone state. Don’t eat or drink comfrey as some parts may be toxic and especially dangerous to the liver.

Coriander: Protects the home and is used to promote peace. Good for love spells and to encourages long life.For personal worth and esteem

Cowslip: Brings luck in love, and helps induce contact in dreams with loved ones who have passed away

Cumin: exorcism and protection

CYPRESS Longevity, healing, protection, comfort.