List of (A) Herbs And Their Uses In Incenses

ALFALFA Element is Earth Abundance and fertility. Deities Green Goddess, Demeter, Ogun, Venus Planet is Jupiter and Venus

Alum: (Destroys Negativity) Alum can be placed in a dish, in a room infested with negative energies, as it absorbs the watery energy they live in. Can also be used in magickal inks. Not to be eaten.

Alum Root Herb: (Protection, Sleep) Profoundly protective. Can be carried in red cloth, added to bath water, or made into an infusion and sprinkled about the home or ritual space. Strew herb beneath the bed for protection while sleeping.

Amber Resin Element is Earth. Stability, self-confidence, protection, peace. Planet is Junipter and moon

Anise: Used in: Divination, Fertility, luck, Happiniess, Love, Meditation, Prosperity, Protection

Asafoetida (Devils Dung): (Protection,                                    Exorcism, Purification) An appropriately named, legendary magickal herb. Asafoetida is one of most potent ingredients to destroy negativity. It is said to destroy psychic attacks, curses, hexes, jinxes, and nasty spirits cannot stand the stuff.(Neither can most it is usally a last resort!)

Angelica: Protects, the dried leaves are burnt during exorcisms. Angelica root can be carried as an amulet.

Apple: Great for making wands, used in love spells and for charms to bring good luck.

ASH (es) Protection, prosperity, fertility, loyalty and fidelity.

ASPEN (esp) Clairvoyance and healing.