List of (B) Herbs and Their Magickal Use In Incense


Element is Water and Fire. Inspiration, knowledge, new love, mend broken heart, protection, strength. Planet is Junipter and Venus

Good luck and wealth.

Basil:Protective, good for love spells and promotes wealth if you carry it in your purse or wallet. Use it for healing relationships and to find out if a partner is genuine

BAY  Element is Fire. Wisdom, protection, clairvoyance, purification. Planet is Jupiter and the Sun

BAYBERRY Element is Earth. Money, good luck, peace, harmony, well-being. Planet is Jupiter

BEECH Wishes, divination, happiness.

BELLADONNA Belladonna(Deadly Nightshade):This herb is little used in modern witchcraft, because of its high toxicity. In days gone by, it was used to encourage Astral Projection, and to produce visions, and was probably an ingredient in the legendary flying ointments used by witches in long ago times.(Warning!!! Poison!)

Benzoin:energy, astral projection and purification

BERGAMOT Element is Air. Hex-breaking, Money. Planet is Mercury

Betony: Use in purification incenses. Can be used in herb pillows to help prevent nightmares

BIRCH Protection, exorcism, purification.

Birch Bark: Highly protective. Boil some of the bark in water, then add this water to the bath, to cocoon yourself in protective energy. Can be burned on charcoal to remove negetive energies from the home or place of business. Hang some over the front door to protect the home.

Bistort:Can be carried for purification and protection. Used in magickal formulas, or sprinkled in the purse or wallet, to promote prosperity. Dwellings can be cleared of ghosts by burning the root as an incense or making an infusion and sprinkling about the house.

BLACKBERRY  Healing, money, protection.

Black Sampson(Echinacea):Used in spells and incenses, for gay men to attract a partner. Carry wrapped in red cloth.

Bladderwrack: To attract customers, and bring good vibrations to your business, make a tea of the herb, and wash shelves, doors and floors with it. Also used to summon the spirits of wind or sea.

BLEEDING HEART  Love, attraction, fidelity.

Blessed Thistle:Energizing and protective-wards off thieves. Place in a bowl in the home or work space. Particularly good in sick rooms

BLOODROOT      Love and luck. Bloodroot:Burn on charcoal, or add an infusion of the herb to bath water to counter hexes and negetive spells. Can be carried in black cloth for protection. Can be carried in red cloth for love

Luck, truth, friendship.

Courage, phychic abilities. Borage:Its basic powers are to give strength and courage. Carry in yellow cloth whenever extra strength is needed.
Borage: Traditionally used in drinks to lift the spirits. Usefull during stressfull times, it brings courage and ‘good heart’ and is very good for fevers and infections. Starflower oil (an alternitive to Evening Primrose oil) comes from borage.


Used in exorcism rituals. Burn a small amount on charcoal with all windows and doors open, sprinkle over candles and add to bath water. Do not eat!!

BROOM   Purification, divination, prophetic dreams.

Buckeyes(Horse Chestnut):A famous magickal herb used in the magick of drawing money, and making money. Carry in green cloth with 2 gold colored coins. Add powdered nut to any money incense or potions. Can also be carried in the pocket to attract success.

BURDOCK   Element is Earth and Water. Protection, healing, Earth magick. Planet is Venus

Burdock Root:Basic powers of purification and protection. Cast in the home, or ritual space to ward off negativity. Add to all protection sachets.