The Witch's Spell for August 28th – Stop Overreacting Spell


Stop Overreacting Spell

Purpose of Spell:  To reduce a tendency to overreact to situations.

Items You Will Need:

White candle


Essential oil or incense

Timing: This can be said on the new moon or whenever needed. It is actually more of an affirmation than a spell, so you might want to memorize it and say it whenever you feel yourself starting to overreact to something. (You only need the candle the first time you do the spell.)

Anoint the candle with lavender essential oil or burn some lavender incense. (Lavender is an easy scent to find, and you can use it later to remind yourself not to overreact. If necessary, you can dab a bit of essential oil on a tissue and tuck it in your pocket.) Light the candle and focus for a while on light and the calming smell. Then say the spell as slowly and calmly as possible.

I am calm and in control

Rooted in Earth

Soothed by Water

Brought by clarity by the Air

The Fire within has burned to embers

I am calm and in control.