Quick Question Before I continue……

After that last article I posted about Ouija Boards being a tool of the Devil. I got to wondering. It doesn’t matter where I have been or who I have talked too. No one wants to use or even touch a Ouija Board. I have always been curious about this. I occasionally use one myself. But most Witches tend to steer clear of them. I have been told, “I wouldn’t touch one with a ten-foot pool,” or “It’s evil.”

The Ouija Board, I personally think, has got a bad rap. It has been associated with the Devil, being Evil and even summoning for Evil Spirits. I can testify it depends on the operator. They must know how to properly operate it.

My question: We do not believe in the Devil or Evil (well some of us do and some of us don’t, that is Evil). So why do we associate this Divination tool with the Devil and Evil? How do you feel about the Boards? Ever use one?

I want to see what you have to say about this. Come on now, let me hear you!

3 thoughts on “Quick Question Before I continue……

  1. I have always consider the Ouija Board just another divination tool. But I know quite a few that don’t. I don’t understand it. I have tried to explain to them that there is nothing bad about it. But they are rather bull-headed to say the least, lol! Most of them are scared of what might come through the portal. And I go into my wonderful speak about how you have to be careful calling for a spirit. Plus too, I believe you have to have the confidence in yourself to know that you can handle anything that does come through. This is not to say these other witches are not powerful because brothers they are. My point is they are a little skittish and a spirit can pick up on that real quick. But when I do use my Ouija Board, I well protect myself and I always have my familiars with me.

    I appreciate both of your opinions and it is a relief to know that the Ouija board is not totally hated.
    Have a Blessed day, dear brothers,
    In the Goddess’ Love,
    Lady A


  2. I have used one in the past. It is a tool neither good or evil. Whenever I do any type of deep divination I always cast a protective circle and do the LBRP


  3. I have not used one yet but am soon about to , a Dear Sister does and we have been discussing this issue the past week ! As for being the Devils tool well that would mean I believe in a one LOL No it as You say just a tool and if I go about it as I know I will it will be a fine addition ! Much Love always !!!


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