Calendar of the Sun for Thursday, Aug. 22nd

Calendar of the Sun

22 Weodmonath

Day of the Virgin: Beginning of Virgo

Colors: Brown and tan and cream
Element: Earth
Altar: Set with cloth of brown and tan, a sheaf of grain, a winnowing basket, a sickle, and an earthenware cup of clear well water.
Offerings: From the night before to the morning of the following day, all must refrain from sexual congress, and may only touch each other with the fingertips during this time. The day’s work should revolve around the repair of that which is broken or in need of maintenance. Great care should be taken with cleanliness of the body in the morning.
Daily Meal: Vegan.

Invocation to Virgo

Lady who harvests the grain of thought
With the sickle of discrimination,
Lady who works alone
And understands solitude,
Lady whose center is untouched,
Whose gift is Mending,
Bless us with the ability to work hard
At the greatest of tasks,
The Repair of the World,
And to see divine will
In all the tiniest details.
By the power of all that labors,
You challenge us
To perfection.
May we go forth in purity.

(The Virgo chant has no words, but is merely precise notes sung in multi-part harmony. Afterwards, instead of a ritual, all will adjourn to clean the entire building as best they can, save for those who are doing repairs. Virgo would rather see work than anything else. Each should work alone, if possible.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]