'THINK on THESE THINGS' for July 16th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

There are many fears in the minds of man, but none so subtle, yet so effectual, as fear of failure.

We are so afraid we’ve been unwise and wasted valuable time and it makes us wonder how many times we’ve failed those who depended upon us, and how many times we’ve failed ourselves.

Time seems too short to make up and overcome the things long past. It seems sometimes that opportunities are there and gone before we’ve had time to make use of them. We condemn ourselves so much for the lack of knowledge when we most needed it. But if decisions were made on after thought, they might not be as wise as those made quickly, without time to think.

We should no longer think about past failures, nor give undue thought to our chances for future ones, but only begin now to do the very best we can.

True failure comes only to those who stop trying, for no age, no time, no place can stop the person who decides to try one more time. As Frederick William Farrar, English author, has written, “There is only one real failure in life that is possible, and that is, not to be true to the best one knows.”


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2 thoughts on “'THINK on THESE THINGS' for July 16th

  1. I have nothing against this but just wanted you to know that Joyce was not necessarily a witch.

    Think on These Things (Google eBook)

    Joyce Sequichie Hifler
    1 Review
    Council Oak Books, Oct 1, 1995 – Religion – 160 pages
    Revised and back in print is a much-loved inspirational book which sold over 75,000 in its first edition, by the author of the nationally-syndicated column “Think on These Things”. Hifler brings to her writing a natural spirituality that happily blends both her Christian and Cherokee backgrounds.


    1. Good Morning Anita,
      Thank you for your comment. It is always wonderful to hear from our readers. I have used Joyce’s material for many years and yes I know she is not a witch. I use her writings occasionally because she is a wonderful Spiritualist. She is in touch with her own beliefs and the natural world around her that I am always amazed by her. She is one of the many writers I admire. Since she is so in touch with Spirituality and Nature and so is The Craft. I have never seen anything wrong with using her writings. The Craft is a Nature based Religion. There are times even us witches need a little inspiration. And she is an excellent source to receive it from.

      Thank you again for you comment.
      Blessings to you & yours,
      Lady Abyss


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