Calendar of the Sun for December 23

Calendar of the Sun

23 Yulmonath

Saturnalia Day 7: Day of the Mothers

Hail to Gaea, the Great Earth,
Green and rich, Mother of us all!
Hail to Rhea and Hera, gracious Queens,
Mothers of the height of Olympus!
Hail to Demeter, Mourning Lady,
Mother of the Seasons!
Hail to Cybele, Lady of Lions,
Mother of Anatolia!
Hail to Juno, to Tellus Mater,
To Ceres of the grain and to Ops,
Mothers of the Romans!
Hail to Danu and to Macha,
To Cerridwen of the cauldron,
Mothers of the Western Isles!
Hail to Frigga, Queen of Asgard,
Mother of the Aesir!
Hail to Nerthus, to Holda, to Nehallenia,
Mothers of the Vanir!
Hail to Laufey, to Sigyn, to Angrboda,
Mothers of the Rokkr!
Hail to Mielikki, Mother of forests! Hail to Parvati, Mother of the Upanishads!
Hail to Kali Ma, Mother of the Void! Hail to Tiamat, Mother of the Primal Ocean!
Hail to Yemaya, Mother of the Orisha!
Hail to Nuit, the overarching one,
To Isis and Nephthys, sisters light and dark,
Mothers of the desert lands!
Hail to Sophia, Mother of Wisdom!
May you all enfold us in your arms
And protect us from all harm that may befall.
We beseech you, Mothers of the Universe,
And we honor on this your day of Glory.

Song: Ancient Mother


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