Calendar of the Sun for December 22nd

Calendar of the Sun

21 Yulemonath

Day of the Goat – Capricorn Begins

Colors: Black and dark brown and dark grey
Element: Earth
Altar: Set with cloths of black and dark brown and dark grey, a mountain of stones of any kind but especially obsidian and granite, lead sinkers, a chain, and the figure of a goat.
Offerings: A bow of respect. A grey hair. Finish a hard task that was begun some time ago and has been put off due to procrastination.
Daily Meal: Root vegetables. Goat meat, goat cheese, and goat milk. Coarse dark bread.

Invocation to Capricorn

Climber of the highest mountain,
Goat whose strength does not give in,
Child of Saturn, chained god,
Who is a friend to hardship and endurance,
Whose gift is Persistence,
Bless us with the ability
To keep going even when the way is hard
Even when all hope seems to be lost,
Even when there is no light on the horizon.
Even in the utter darkness,
Never let us lose sight of our goals.
By the power of all aspiration,
You challenge us to help each other
Achieve what we have yearned for.
May we all go forth
In unswerving loyalty.

Under the Earth
Under the ground
Is the birth of mountains found.

(Let all present hear the invocation on their knees, on the hardest floor, save for those who have an infirmity that must be taken into consideration. The singing also should be done kneeling, and afterwards let each person prostrate themselves on the ground, and remain that way, face down, meditating on the earth beneath them, until the hour is over.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]