Calendar of the Sun for October 30

Calendar of the Sun

30 Winterfyllith

Day III of the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris

Colors: Green and black
Elements: Earth and Air
Altar: Upon cloth of green and black set a figure of Isis, a figure of Osiris, a box carved like a sarcophagus, and two large ivory candles.
Offerings: Continue with the long-term difficult project.
Daily Meal: Beer. Barley. Figs. Dates. Nuts. Flatbread.

Osiris Invocation II

Hail O Osiris
Wake O Osiris
Arise O Osiris
Thy Mother Nuit gives thee birth
The great company of gods would converse with thee
Take thy seat, Osiris,
For none shall offend thee,
Thine enemies are beneath thee,
All honor is given
To Osiris, Lord of the Dead.
For Osiris was feasting at his table
And walking in the peace of his garden
When Set, his brother adversary,
Armed with many henchmen,
Lay upon him with weapons
And they slew the good Osiris,
Lord of the Earth beneath us.
So that his Queen might not revive him
With all her goodly magics,
Set cut his brother’s body
Into seventeen different pieces
And flung them into the swamps of the Nile.
So died the good Osiris
For the second time,
And the sun was dimmed,
And the West ran red as with blood.
And Isis searched for him for three days,
And in three days we will find her.
Weep for him, once King of the Gods!

(All weep and wail. The lights are put out, and the wailing continues as all exit.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]