Hear the words of the Goddess,
To all her daughters. Fear not, Child;
For I am with you as you turn toward womanhood,
The time of menarche, the time of blossoming.
You reflect the radiant beauty of the Maiden.
Dressed in pale colors or white
And with flowers in your hair;
With your sweet smile and dancing step,
You know that all of life is before you.
You are to be Celebrated.

Fear not, Young woman;
For I am with you as you blossom into your full sexuality,
Learning the joys of love and sex,
And the mysteries of childbirth.
You reflect the mature beauty of the Mother.
Dressed in bright colors,
And with your head held high;
You are experiencing the knowledge of life.
You are to be Honored.

Fear not, Elderly woman;
For I am with you as you turn to old age,
Into the WiseWoman.
Your blood stays inside your body and turns into Wisdom;
You are a help to others with guidance and healings.
You reflect the wisdom and magic of the Crone.
You have the serenity of a life well-lived,
And the knowledge that you will join your loved ones
In the Afterlife, before you are reborn.
You are to be Revered.

Come, my Daughters!
Dance with me,
For you also are Goddess.

Beth Johnson(Mystic Amazon)