Important Announcements, Please Read

I have two fantastic announcements to make to you. As you have probably noticed we have took on the responsibility of posting all the daily info now for the Southern Hemisphere. We tried two different way in this group for this to work without a lot of hunting and aggravation on the part of our followers. To no avail could we get it to work here. Our solution, was to take one of my graphic groups, link it to this site and use if for the Southern postings each day. The linking of the two sites was successful. Now the U. S. daily horoscopes, tarot, runes, etc., will remain here. For everyone in the Southern part, you will go to the top menu. There you will find the link, “Southern Hemisphere Divination.” Click there and it will take you to your daily postings. The daily horoscopes, tarot, runes, moon phase and etc., are the only thing on that site. To come back to the WOTC, you will notice right above the categories over there, is a banner to the main group. Click there and you are brought back here. We decided this is the only way to handle this undertaking. We were looking through the postings and in the main section, there was Horoscopes for Sept. 29 then right behind it was Sept. 30. To us, that would lead to too much confusion, plus aggravation. As far as the jokes, cartoons, quizzes, Daily OM, Daily Motivator and etc., we will do just one daily posting for these. You will be able to find those postings on this group. We had no request from the Southern Hemisphere for these. So they will stay here and one daily posting of each of those mentioned done. I believe everyone will find this more desirable and easily navigated.

The next topic, I have been wanting to discuss with you is The Apothecary. As you know, we started out opening the Apothecary here on WordPress.  The only catch was there had to be daily posting done in the site also. If the posting stopped, the site would be closed. Plus the site had to be more informative than retail, which we didn’t like. We wanted to showcase the merchandise were we could sell it. The purpose of opening the site was to raise money for our organization. Producing more information than showing the products wasn’t going to make us money.  For the last four or five days, we have completely stopped posting over there. We have searched the net and found a site that will allow us to post as much merchandise as we want and it is free. I have been working on it every spare minute I get. It will be done shortly and when it is we will give you the addy to it. We will also have a banner link to it on the main page. The site is turning out to be unbelievable. It is going to be too pretty to be a retail store, lol! I am sure you will enjoy it and we haven’t forgot the promise we made about your purchasing from it. We get it set up, you will get the discounts and coupons we originally promised you.

Those are the only things right now we have to tell you. We are sorry for all the recent confusion on the site. It takes us a while to get our poop together but we eventually do. Remember to watch for the opening of the Apothecary.

Thank you for all your patience with us.

Good Night/Morning to you, dear friends.


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    1. You are more than welcome. I believe it was your final email that stirred me to action. So everyone has this to thank you for. I have been doing this for years and it still blows my mind. The places you can reach, the people you can talk to, it is just unreal. I had never thought about posting the horoscopes and etc., for different time zones until here recently. I appreciate the idea and your email that got me off my rump, lol! If there is anything else you and the others down under need, please don’t hesitate to ask.
      Goddess Bless You!


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