Magickal Herbal Use: Lesson 4 – Enchanting Herbs

Lesson Four: Enchanting Herbs

by Leillan

I have saved this section for last on purpose. I wanted you to get a feel for what was offered before we talked about enchantment.

Enchanting is basically just simple spell casting. In enchanting an herb, you empower that herb with a specific purpose. I know it sounds easy, but remember you are working with things from the earth. The power is there, all you have to learn is how to bring it out. If you are a timing person, time this to the moon, the day of the week, the hour of the day, the time of season, whatever you need do. Remember to visualize as you enchant. Make the purpose as clear as you possibly can, and bring the words straight from your heart and the power from deep within you.

This final lesson of the series will done in ritual format. I will describe the work area, the herbs, and the purpose. Your final test will be to design your own ritual, amulet, bag, incense, or whatever else which to enchant. But you should only use the herbs listed in the previous lessons. You don’t have to actually perform the work. I just want to know what you’d do and how you’d do it. The following is my example to you.

I am making an amulet for a dear friend who needs strength and will to make it through a difficult period. This friend has full knowledge of my art and has asked for help. I have thought about it and decided the way in which I can help most.

On my altar, I have placed two black candles. I use black because it’s my personal favorite color for certain types of work. Between the candles,  I have my mortar and pestle; in front of them,  I have my athame. My wooden bowl is to the right and filled with sand and a charcoal block. I’ll be using  sandalwood incense, as I need strength and power right now, as well. To my left I have placed jars containing Dragons blood, sage, sea salt, rose petals, and a piece of walnut (did I fail to mention that walnut strengthens the heart?). The only other item on my altar is my pentagram, which is a personal cue I’m using to assist me in visualization,  and a small locket into which the blend will be placed. A red candle stands off to one side, ready for use if I need it.

I light the black candles and concentrate on seeing this friend happy and her problems solved. I pick up the sea salt and measure out a little with the tip of my athame. As I pour it into the mortar, I say “Salt purifies and cleanses. Your purpose this night is to purify the herbs I use here, and make them pure in intent.”  While saying this, I visualize the salt purifying the herbs.

Next, I pick up a rose petal and crumble it into the salt, saying: “I charge thee with the task of bringing intuition to ______. She finds herself in a situation where your power is desperately needed.”  I then mix the salt and rose together with my athame.

I measure out a portion of sage with my athame and drop it into the blend, saying, “I charge you and bid you to lend wisdom of decision to ________. She needs this wisdom to overcome what has been wrought.”  Stir the sage into the mixture.

Next, I pick up the piece of walnut and say, “I empower thee to lend strength of heart in this difficult time. Through your strength, may her heart be lightened and her will be strengthened.” I then measure out a tiny amount of powdered Dragons blood, saying, “Within thee is the power to intensify each herb I’ve used. You will be the power of change.”

Mixing all together I say, “Within each separate herb lies the power to reach the end; each has its own purpose. May purposes united make true the end, for blended together, the whole is met. For a year and a day, may you be charged to lend thy power where it is needed. An’ it harm none, Thy will be done. So Mote it Be!

I pick up the mixture, bit by bit on the tip of my athame, and place enough in the locket to fill it. I then light the red candle and say, “Red is color of power and strength” while dropping a little wax on the herbs inside the locket to seal and bind the blend together. I then close the locket, hold it in both hands, and concentrate on the person and the purpose with a light and loving heart. When I feel the enchantment is done,  I give thanks to the Goddess, put out the candles, and ground the leftover herb and incense. I clean my tools and wrap the newly made amulet in a cloth until I can give it to my friend.


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