Daily Motivator for August 28 – Effort is opportunity

Effort is opportunity

Every effort, no matter how small or tedious or seemingly insignificant,  builds value in your life. Every effort is an opportunity.

With every effort, you make a difference in the world. With every effort, you  express your ability and your influence.

Give joy to each effort, and you add joy to your life. Give your attention  and focus and gratitude to the efforts, and they produce meaningful, lasting  value.

Seek out efforts, perform the efforts, and what you get is achievement. What  you get is the experience of life lived in a truly fulfilling and satisfying  way.

With effort, problems are solved, obstacles are transcended, and dreams come  true. With effort, you can change the world in accordance with your highest,  most authentic vision.

Fill each day with positive, purposeful efforts. And you’ll fill your world  with great meaning and joy.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator


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