By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Some of the grasses in the meadow have turned pink, some beige, some with new green. August has few days left and next month fall will arrive. Lots of warm days in between now and then, but at least the temperature will modify during that time.

Summer is a little like having a pesky child visiting. At first it is a barrel of fun and we love every minute, but when our tongues hang out from too much of a good thing we are ready for a change. We love it no less, but rest is welcome and we are already counting the days.

Soon, brush piles will send smoke spiraling through the trees and leaves of all colors will begin to drop. At one time, seeing the season change was a sad experience. But beautiful leaves become more beautiful and they are only lying down for a winter’s sleep. Much to look forward to if we open our eyes and enjoy it.


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