TGIF! YAHOO! TGIF! Have You Heard It’s Friday! YAHOO!


Good Friday Morning, my dear friends! You can see I am happy for you that it’s Friday, lol! I hope you have a super fantastic day!



Today’s Affirmation for Friday, August 24

The energy of the universe flows through me, maintaining my well-being. I release energy in ways that are healing myself and the Earth.

Thought for Friday, August 24

Everything is extraordinary clear. I see the whole landscape before me. I see my hands, my feet, my toes, and I smell the rich river mud. I feel a great sense of strangeness and wonder at being alive

The Buddha

(c.563 – c.460BCE)

Today’s Meditation for August 24

The Gift of Energy

Giving positive energy to others while expecting nothing in return invokes spiritual well-being. During your morning meditation, prepare for the day’s giving by imaging the energy of the cosmos flowing into all of your being. Afterwards, reflect on the day ahead. In each interaction imagine giving your energy, attention and appreciation without wishing for anything in return. Plan to take breaks throughout the day in which to recharge your spiritual batteries.



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