Daily Feng Shui Tip for August 21 – ‘Senior Citizen Day’

There’s no better time than ‘Senior Citizen Day’ to share some Feng Shui symbols that promote longevity and health. The Chinese believe that there is no good luck without long life, and almost every Chinese prayer and greeting includes the wish for longevity! One way to enjoy a smooth slide through life is to display an image or statue of a crane. Considered the bird of immortality, the crane is also strongly associated with long life and happiness. His symbolic presence in your home is also thought to bring harmony and happiness into that space. As well, the pine tree could be considered the strongest of the symbols of inner strength, vitality and permanence. This tree is steadfast and strong and represents the fortitude associated with long-lasting achievement. So display an image of a pine tree (or grow the real deal) anywhere around your house to activate energies of longevity and long life. Bamboo has also long been regarded an excellent symbol of longevity for its durability and ability to bend but not break. This symbolizes the way all difficulties of life should be handled, as the bamboo can adapt and go with the flow and it always survives. It is considered a great idea to hang images or paintings of bamboo in the office in order to ensure both career longevity and good fortune.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com