Daily Feng Shui Tip for Aug. 18th – ‘World Daffodil Day’

Everything’s coming up roses on ‘World Daffodil Day’ and that’s because flowers and their meanings have long been the subject of mystical speculation. Many global traditions tell that the symbolism inherent in flowers is endless and that their meanings can range the gamut from love to money, health to protection, warnings to wealth and many meanings in between. In the case of today’s floral celebration, you might want to invite some friends to the petal party as the daffodil represents loyalty and friendship, truth and forgiveness. They are considered ever vigilant as they herald the beginning of spring, reminding us of the beauty that is coming after the harsh winter. You can give someone a bouquet of daffodils as a token of forgiveness or to wish them balance, harmony and truth. Since the daffodil is shaped like a trumpet, it can also symbolically speak to announcing our own soul’s awakening to a new season of fertility and growth. You can definitely stop and smell the roses in order to bring brighter days, especially if those ‘roses’ are the lovely, intoxicating daffodil!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com