Daily Feng Shui Tip for Aug 9th – ‘Book Lover’s Day’

When I saw that today is ‘Book Lover’s Day’ I remembered an ancient intuitive technique that uses a book as the vehicle to answer important life questions. This meditation was taught to me by a Mayan Shaman who learned it from ancient ancestors who carried the secret of the ages. She told me that if I ever had a question to which I needed an answer that I should sit quietly with both feet firmly on the ground and my back straight. She said to take any book and place it on my lap before putting my left hand, palm down, atop the cover. With left hand in place, I was to think of my question and then ‘send it out into the Universe.’ I should then wait a few minutes, and when completely calm and quieted, open the book to any random page. She told me, ‘The first words you read will hold the answer that you are searching for.’ I have used this sacred way of asking for answers for all these years and it has never failed. Once you try this I’ll bet that you become a book lover too! It can really help you figure out the next chapter of your life!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com