Crystal of the Day for Aug. 9th – Leopardskin Jasper (Orbicular)

Crystal of the Day  – Leopardskin Jasper (Orbicular)
  Colours: Green or Orange bi-colouredChakra: Root

Planet: Mercury

Energy: Projective

Element: Earth

Spiritual Uses: Redresses the balance between light and dark, teaching how to recognize dark as a complement to light rather than its opposite. Clarity, seeing things for as they really are.

Emotional Uses: Heals the emotional body and strengthens sense of self. Overcomes guilt, fear and stress.

Physical Uses: Fortifies the body’s natural resistance, assists in maintaining wellbeing.

Magickal Properties: Animal Bonds, Healing, Strongly Protective, Vision

Folklore: Shamanic shape-shifters stone, helpful with putting you in touch with Jaguar, Cougar, Leopard and Panther spirits.