Calendar of the Moon for July 20

Calendar of the Moon

12 Tinne/Hekatombaion


Color: Golden
Element: Earth
Altar: The Kronia celebrates the Golden Age when Kronos and Rhea ruled, when there was no order, so nothing is done ordinarily this day. The altar is laid with whatever cloths those present may bring, and set with whatever things they may think appropriate to the celebration of a mythical utopian anarchy.
Offerings: Do nothing in its order today. Invite in those not of the House and let them order the activities. The newest novice should replace the House Elder for the afternoon. Order is restored by Hesperis.
Daily Meal: Let those not of the house bring potluck. No one cooks today, and all fend for themselves.

Kronia Invocation
(With random shouting throughout)

Long ago, before there was Law,
Kronos inherited the throne
(Hail Kronos!)
From his mother, Gaea, who recognizes only
(Hail Gaea!)
The laws of nature, and his father Uranus,
(Hail Uranus!)
Who was capricious as the wind and the sky.
For hundreds of years he ruled their way,
Until he realized the value of Rules
(Hail Eunomia!)
And became their strongest servant.
When his son Zeus overthrew him,
(Hail Zeus!)
And with his thrice-blessed wife Hera
(Hail Hera!)
Ascended the throne, he kept the Rules.
Yet today we remember that time,
Like unto the childhood of the world,
Where there were no rules,
(Hail Chaos!)
Nor were any needed. Go now,
And spend one day without them,
That you may appreciate them the more in the end.
(All exit in a rush, snatching things from the altar, and have a drumming and dancing circle.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]


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