July 18 – Daily Feast

July 18 – Daily Feast

Time is the supreme equalizer. It puts us on the same level with people that never considered us their equal. The person in most revered and feared position can suddenly have his breath taken away by sudden descent. Time seems almost mischievous in the way it turns things around. We never really know what people think or what they believe until they have had some time. Our only drawback is how we think about ourselves and the need to talk about it. When our mouths are talking, our minds stop to listen. We may not like what time has done – but we can rely on its fairness. It has seen our actions, heard us talk, and knows our hearts. We can only hope there is enough time that we learn and change.

~ Like the wildwood birds which our fathers used to hold their breath to hear, they sing in concert….alike in forest and field…..alike before wigwam or castle….alike. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler