July 17 – Daily Feast

July 17 – Daily Feast

There is little wrong with the earth that it cannot clean up itself. It renews constantly, trying to keep pace with so much tampering going on. It has its hot spots, its upheavals, and the recycling of elements – but the Indian has known how to live with the changes. It is the world of people that needs to clean up its act. Some think the trouble began when the atom was split – but it was more apt to be when man split with the Great Holy Spirit. We learn from the earth not to build up too much pressure or we will blow it. The river has taught us we can’t be too broadminded or we spread out in the shallows and dry up in the midday sun. When moral standards were lost in the shuffle, the world kicked over the lantern again.

~ Hear me, not for myself but for my people….that they may once more go back….and find the good road and the shielding tree. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


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