Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 5th: “Bikini Day”

Whether we’re wearing an itsy, bitsy, yellow polka dot one or any of other fashionable design, today’s ‘Bikini Day’ energies celebrated those two tiny pieces of summer fabric. But what if you overindulged yesterday and you can’t quite squeeze into that bikini today? One quick (and holistic!) way to break up the bloat and increase efficient digestion is to intertwine the fingers of both hands and then hold a golf ball between the palms. Allow the ball to ‘roll’ back and forth, stimulating reflexology points that will put the putt-putt back in your game. Once you get rid of the gas the bloat will be gone too. Another quick way to decrease bloat is to drink peppermint tea with a few shakes of digestive bitters. Bitter herbs are great for stimulating digestion while the peppermint is a carminative herb that almost immediately reduces gas and belly swelling. When you eat, chew with your mouth closed and increase your intake of water, which flushes waste from your system. You should be back in that bikini by the time the neighbors are firing up the barbeque for round two!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com