Daily Cosmic Calendar for July 5th

Inspirations continue to fly fast and furiously following last night’s lunar move into the universal air sign of Aquarius. The Moon forms trines to expansive Jupiter (2:13AM PDT) and beauty-enhancing Venus (8:09AM PDT). Because Jupiter and Venus are the traditional benefic planets, there is a tendency right now to live for the joy of the moment and throw caution to the wind – in business matters and on the literary, publishing and educational horizons.  However, the Moon in also opposing Mercury (9:01AM PDT) and Mercury itself – following its off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Pluto two days ago – now makes another 150-degree contact, this time with Chiron (8:20PM PDT). Healing forces are back on the march, but you need to study up on holistic techniques and alternative medical breakthroughs to know what you are doing.  In the meantime, your productivity quotient can soar – thanks to a Mercury-Ceres parallel (10:30PM PDT). Keep a special notebook by your bed overnight to record nocturnal soul-wanderings and visions of the Great Beyond as the Moon parallels Neptune (10:41PM PDT).