2 thoughts on “Curse to Cause a Headache

  1. With a philosophy of harm none, are there time when it is appropriate to use curses/hexes? There is someone in my life who causes me stress and grief on a daily basis. I do good work and have successfully won legal battles against them but their actions/intent to make me share in their misery is ongoing. My will is strong from letting them be but I do grow weary at the endlessness of it all.


    1. Well, if you do read the Wiccan Rede (the extended version) which is where that adage comes from, the actual phrase has the ending “Lest in self-defense it be.” Basically, if they continually harm you, the Rede gives you curses as a last resort. If you aren’t Wiccan, that’s okay too. Basically, it’s up to you. If you honestly feel like they deserve to be cursed or hexed, you should go for it.


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