To get rid of negative energy.
At the alter: A cup of salt, A fresh lemon, Athame
Light white candles and protection incense. Anoint brow, heart and throat with oil.
Put the lemon in the center of your alter and cut it into 4 slices (round).
“All spells against me congregate in this lemon, that’s your fate.
Sour spell to sour fruit, you must go there cause it’s your suit.
Bound to this lemon evermore. Each spell against me that’s your store.
All in this lemon, now I see, and as my will so mote it be!”
When you feel that the chant has captured the negative thought forms in the lemon,
begin to sprinkle the salt on the lemon. Chant:
“Uncrossed! Uncrossed!
This salt for me breaks up the attacking energy.
As lemon dries in salt and air,
I’m freed from harm and all despair.
Uncrossed and happy now, you see!
And as my will so mote it be!!!”
Use lots of salt and when you are finished, thank all the elements.
Leave the lemon near your alter where you can watch it.
If it dries out, your work is done. If it should mildew, repeat the ritual.

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