March 20 – Daily Feast

March 20 – Daily Feast

Someone said the test of courage is not to give up but to rise up and take dominion over melancholy moods. To give in to mood swings from sadness to anger makes finding stable ground even more difficult. In fact, it probably cause more, nu ne lv na, which in Cherokee means mischief or harm, than any other thing. When talking to someone trustworthy does not ease the stress, then writing it can make a world of difference. Writing it to ourselves can bring out many causes for sadness or anger that we didn’t know we were harboring. A daily journal has been the source of help in learning what we store away unconsciously, only to come out and whip us at the most unlikely times. It is a way of cleaning house and making corrections in the privacy of our own minds without having to tell the world.

~ Do not hurt your neighbor, for it is not him you wrong but yourself. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


2 thoughts on “March 20 – Daily Feast

  1. I have a journal, and when I can’t write because I have arthritis in both hands and numbness. I have a small tape recorded and I use it tape my thoughts and feelings. I mention the date and time, and when I go back to the journal, when I can write, I make a notation after the date and time, and continuance of last recording….. It makes it easy for me. I have always had a journal, however, since my hands are weak, I came up with the idea of recording when I can’t write…..


    1. Good morning Shari,
      It is wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are having a great day. I am sorry to hear about your hands and fingers. I have arthritis and my poor sister had rhuemotoid arthritis. I found out recently that the rhuemotoid arthritis is hereditary. So I can sympathize with you, dear sister. The important thing to do (which was told to me), is to keep the joints moving. No matter how little you can do, you have to keep them moving. I know it is painful and I wish there was something I could do for you to take the pain away. I know there are several peppers you can eat that are suppose to alleviate the pain but I can’t eat peppers. I am not much help on being an expert on that subject, lol! I know it’s not funny but there are times, we have to laugh instead of cry.

      Have you heard about the new program out, Dragon? You are suppose to be able to talk and it types what you say. I know my husband has problems with his eyes. He has thought about getting it to use. If you had alot of typing to do or just wanted to send an email, it might be wonderful for you.

      I read your other post also. I am so glad you enjoy the site. I hope you continue to visit. If there is anything at all I can do for you, just let me know.

      May the Goddess bless you, dear sister,
      Lady A


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