Blarney, It’s A Shamrock Setter Doggie of the Day!

Harley, the Dog of the Day
Name: Harley
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male Breed: Irish Setter
Home: Beloit, Wisconsin, USA
Hello this is Harley! Officially Castle of Harley Donagal O’Killian ~’Harley’ for short. Harley is the keeper of my castle! He runs the roost! During the day Harley is an outside watch dog, keeping the bunnies, squirrels and birds at bay. In the evening he cuddles and lounges in front of the hearth. When Harley goes on walks he has a backpack he wears to carry his water, this is a very important job for him and he takes great pride when doing so, and wants people to notice that he is working.

Harley is very smart he knows the difference between all his stuffed toys and brings them to me by name on command! He also will speak, sit, lay down, shake, wait, back up, stay and fetch, mostly by hand signals! All with a treat reward of coarse! My friend Harley is a joyful and a frolicking character, he howls and makes talking sounds when he comes in every night and makes funny faces (for a dog). He makes me laugh every day.

Harley is friendly to all dogs and cats and enjoys a good chase on occasion at the dog park. His only ‘pet peeve’ is squirrels, they aren’t welcome in his eyes and tells them so.

Harley likes to celebrate all Holidays especially St. Patrick’s Day, he is Quite the entertainer! He wears a special-made head piece and shows off his beautiful red hair. He is the talk of the parties.

Harley is an active dog and full of energy that he is willing to share with whom ever is willing to play with him.