Ah, What A Special Little Lad Decked Out In His Irish Finery!

Cyrus, the Cat of the Day
Name: Cyrus
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Medium, Long Hair
Home: Mexico
Cyrus came as a stray… and from day one it was like if he’d lived here all along. He got along totally awesomely with adults, kids and even dogs… small ones anyway, and was a total dream cat.

He appeared one day out of nowhere, and I felt sad and fed him once, well… I guess he liked it and stayed. He was an outside cat, by his own insistence, and often times I had to go look for him, only to find him in the next block in the house in the exact location as ours… I guess he “almost” got it right, just missed by a block!

Such a sweet kitty… as you can see by the picture, he didn’t even mind the hat one bit! He seems happy at his new home, so I did not try to convince him to come back to mine. I have two Huskies who are not exactly ‘cat-friendly’ but at his new home he is fed and loved. As he picked my house in the first place when he was a stray, I couldn’t feel too possessive when he decided to move in on the next block. He is such a friendly cat that he charmed them at once, and is well loved there. And as you can see, he is a very cute Leprecat, a good tempered kitty, and wishes everyone a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!