Calendar of the Sun for March 10th

Calendar of the Sun
10 Hrethemonath

Hypatia’s Day: Pagan Martyrdom

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: On a red cloth set a blade, a glass of wine, incense, the Book of Hours laid open, and a burning torch.
Offerings: Educate – gently – for your faith, whatever that may be. Do it without hubris.
Daily Meal: There is fasting tonight in honor of Hypatia’s sacrifice, until dawn. Those who cannot fast for physical reasons shall eat cold raw food and fruit juice.

Invocation to Hypatia

This torch burns for Hypatia.
Scholar, teacher, priestess,
Bright mind that brought forth
Fine words of inspiration,
Beloved by her students
And hated by those who would
Darken our world to ignorance.
Slashed to death with the sharp edge
Of seashells, her blood poured
Upon the page of knowledge
That she had defended.
Do not forget her, children
Of those who came after her
Into a world of blindness.
Honor her with your vision,
Your intelligence, and your love of truth.

Your spirit burns bright
Like the sacred flame
We will never forget
The meaning of your name
We will never forget
Your integrity
We remember your light
In our history
We remember your light
From a time gone by
You held fast to truth
And you will never die.

(Pour the wine out as a libation to Hypatia.)