The Wicca Book of Days for March 9th – Watery Depths

The Wicca Book of Days for March 9th

Watery Depth

Like each of the other elements that play such an important role in astrology, today’s element, Water, has many symbolic correspondences, not east with the moon and the feminine principle, as well as with profound emotions, creativity, sensitivity, and insecurity. This is also the element that is equated with cups, the category of minor-arcana Tarot cards that corresponds to the hearts sit of playing cards. And according to the alchemical thought, the elemental spirits that symbolized water (comprising cold and moist qualities), were the undines, whom some likened to mermaids and mermen, and others to seahorses with human faces.

Spiritual Solidarity

Light a candle in solidarity with the Buddhist people of Tibet, whose Butter Lamp Festival (Chunga Choepa) is held around now. Yak butter is used to fuel lamps, which are lit to scare off demons, and butter sculptures of auspicious figures and symbols are also displayed.


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