Precious Pup of the Day for March 6th

Hexi, the Dog of the Day
Name: Hexi
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Home: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA
When I was just a little girl I was visiting with my Great Auntie Barb and Great Uncle Gene. They had Dobermans and I just loved them. I grew up with one named Hexe. She was a beautiful black and rust. When I was about five years old I promised my Great Uncle Gene that when I grew up I would have a pretty Doberman just like his Hexe and I would name my girl Hexi too. My uncle passed away just three weeks after my 6th birthday. I miss him dearly. When I turned ten, his Hexe passed away. I never ever forgot that promise I made to him.

Well on Feb. 13th, 2010 I brought home my first Doberman girl. I named her Diesel’s B&G Hexi Promise. Hexi’s dad’s name was Diesel, and just seven months before I got Hexi my pitbull named Diesel passed away and I know that he meant for me to bring this girl in my life to help me heal from losing him. So that’s where the name Diesel comes in to play with her registered name. The B&G of course stands for Barb and Gene my great auntie and uncle. Then Hexi is after his Hexe. I just decided to put the I at the end instead of the e. And then Promise is for the promise I made to him all those years ago.

My sweet Hexi is nearly perfect in my eyes. She makes a great companion. She is on her way to taking her CGC(canine good citizen) test so I can take her into nursing homes and around special needs children. As of right now, she helps me with my PTSD. She is a clown, I couldn’t ask for much more. She is cross-eyed which isn’t something you see often in dogs. The vets said it should go away and they said that when she was a pup and she still has it. I think it adds to her charater. She is just a joy to be around. She likes to lick everything … yep, everything. Windows, floors, people, the bed, my other dog, you name it. She is very, very affectionate.

When I was looking at getting one I remember people telling me that Dobermans are well known for being Velcro dogs and very vocal both of which my Hexi is. She doesn’t really have a favorite treat, she will eat just about anything you offer her. She is very smart, too. We have taught her to do high fives, it’s funny. She doesn’t swim if the water is deep, she panics. Generally she goes ’til it touches her chest and out she comes. We bought a life jacket for her for when she goes on the pontoon with us. She loves back massages, and she will put her foot in your lap for you to rub. What can I say, she is pampered.

She also doesn’t handle the cold in Wisconsin very well so we bought her boots and a couple of sweat shirts and even a winter jacket. She doesn’t mind us putting them on her. We often joke about it because we have never seen anybody dress their big dogs up like we do. She enjoys when we buy her new collars either. She shows them off as if she were a model. She very much enjoys being in the spotlight and loves her photos taken – she poses often. If we have her out running in the fields and she sees me get my camera out she will sometimes stop and pose and then go on with her playing. She is 82.5 pounds of baby. I don’t think she knows just how big she really is.

She is the best dog in the whole world 🙂