Butt! Butt! Butt! Oh, My Aching Head, Pet of the Day for March 6th

Whitey, Bully, the Pet of the Day
Name: Whitey, Bully
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pygmy goats
Home: Snow Camp, North Carolina, USA
These are my two girl Pygmy goats, the white one is Whitey and the gray and white is Bully. Also I have a boy named Rambo and he is black and white.

I’ve had these goats for six years and I got them at two months old. Before I got them, I had two girls who lived twelve years. Goats love to play and butt each other; one goat would be very lonely. Therefore, if anyone wants “a goat”, be sure to get at least two. Get only girls (or girls and neutered boy). I have Rambo because I thought I might let them have babies but haven’t done that yet. It is common for a goat to have two or three babies. I’ve read that male and female goats can breed by three months old so unless you want a big family do not let them be together unless the boy goat is neutered.

My goats love to jump on tables and climb things. When they were little, Whitey would jump on a table and then jump on top of the goat house. Bully girl has shorter legs than Whitey and she cannot jump as high. A few times I was bent over and one of them jumped on my back which scared me, LOL. I learned not to turn my back on them.

They are fed twice a day with hay and goat chow and have water of course and they also eat grass in their pasture. I also have a salt block for them but they don’t like it as much as my previous goats. Some people say goats will eat anything; that’s not entirely true. They can be picky. They like “junk” food such as brush and vines and they cleaned up a messy area I had in the field. They will often forego good pasture grass for tree bark or a vine. Their hooves need to be trimmed twice a year. My goats are in a very secure fence six feet high with small heavy square wire and I don’t think any animal can get in or out … but to be safe I have vet give them rabies shots and also give them worm medicine.

Their favorite treat is dried apple peelings which they get once in a while. Oh, yes, and they like to eat tomato plants. We found that out when we planted some tomato plants too close to the fence; they ate all the leaves. Also they like to eat off the cedar tree. They stand on their hind legs, grab a limb with their front feet, pull it down, and eat.

All in all they are very nice pets and I love them.