Using A Dagger in Dragon Magick

Using A Dagger in Dragon Magick


A double-edge dagger with a blade no longer than your palm and fingers is used to carve on candles and do other small jobs within the circle. However, it does not have to be very sharp to do this. In fact, it is probably better that it is not, as you can get a nasty cut when working. The very tip of the blade is part you will usually be using to incise anyway. The dagger is also of the element of Fire.


For dragon magic, both the sword and the dagger should have names. Choose any name that reminds you of their power and might. Do not use such names as “Dragon Slayer;” such names will not help you when trying to gain the cooperation of dragons. “Dragon Claw” is appropriate, as would be “Star Fire,” “Wind Cleaver,” or “Foe Slayer.”


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