The Wicca Book of Days for February 22nd – Charity Begins At Home

The Wicca Book of Day for February 22

Charity Begins At Home

The festival called the Charistia, or Caristia (“Festival of the Dear One”), was celebrated on February 22 in ancient Rome, for once the dear departed had been propitiated during the Parentalia, it was then the turn of living relative. Also known as Cara Cognatio (the Latin for “Dear Kin”), this was the day on which rifts caused by family tiffs were patched up, and when blood ties were affirmed, usually by means of a convivial banquet. In addition, offerings of food were made to the lares familiars, the family or household’s guardian spirits, which were symbolized by sculpted images that were housed in a lararium, or shrine, within the home.


Kiss and Make up

Cherish your family relationships today, especially if a falling-out has left an angry atmosphere. If you are not yet ready to act as a peacemaker or to eat humble pie, invoke the aid of family friendly spirits and cast a spell starting your intentions to pour oil on troubled waters.