Dog-gone Doggie of the Day for Feb. 7th

Maddie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Maddie
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Female Breed: Wire Fox Terrier
Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Maddie, is short for Madeline, but also comes to Maddles, Mad Dog, and Super Maddie. Maddie was rescued from a pet store where she had spent her youth in a wire cage stuffed with other dogs.

Full grown and unsold the store owner had her up for quick sale as he was going to take her back to the “breeder” a.k.a. puppy mill in Lancaster county to a fate unknown if she was not unloaded that week. Wild and aggressive from being in a cage her whole life, I wasn’t sure if I was up for dealing with her, but I knew that with her “quick sale price”, she would surely end up in the pound or somewhere worse.

Against all my beliefs about pet stores and puppy mills I bought her freedom at the price he’d get back from the “breeder”. He wasn’t gonna take a loss and let her go for free. I wrapped her in my arms and brought her home to Alex my beloved Irish setter as his new little sister. He was quite upset at first, and left the room when ever she entered, but soon fell in love with her, even if she did push him around like only a terrier can.

After Alex passed, she was there for me and now goes everywhere I go, we are practically inseparable!

She is my best friend and my co-pilot in life. Since I take her everywhere she gets lots of attention for her good manners and I think she may be the unspoken ambassador for “Good Dogs!!!!” Maddie is also the genesis for a book I co-authored with Kit Feldman called “The Culinary Canine … Great chefs that cook for their dogs.”

I was sitting out at an outdoor cafe with a bit for her and a bite for me when I came up with the idea of wouldn’t it be great if there were restaurants with dog menus? Then talking to a chef he said he cooks for his dogs and it wound up as a book! All because of Maddie!