Goddesses for Winter Solstice: Eos and Aurora

Goddess Comments & Graphics
Goddesses for Winter Solstice: Eos and AuroraAuthor Unknown  

For the winter solstice I chose Eos and Aurora to represent the goddess. This is the time of beginning light. As the wheel of year turns, the light begins to return. This is a special time of year for me. I was born in December and my name is Dawn. It is appropriate for me to celebrate with these goddesses.


Eos is the Greek goddess of dawn. She was the daughter of two early light deities, Hyperion and Thea. The lovely winged creature drove a chariot hitched to four swift steeds, dragging light across the sky; she changed at midday into another goddess, Hemera (“light of day”), and later into sunset goddess Hesperide. Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn and has similar stories as of the Greek Eos; her name means“light.”


She had a strong sexual appetite, similar to that of Aphrodite, and had many lovers. Sometimes she would kidnap handsome men to serve her needs. There is a story relating to the gigantic Orion. When he was mortal he mistreated his wife Merope. He was blinded by Merope’s father and by the wine god Dionysus. In order to restore his sight, Orion was told to bathe his face in Eos’ rays. He stood on a hilltop looking towards the sky. Not only did she restore Orion’s sight, she kidnapped him to serve as her lover. Orion still had a violent nature and eventually was sent to the stars for an offense against Artemis.


Eros had another mortal lover, Tithonus. Eos was so attracted to him she wanted immortality for him. Unfortunately Eos did not ask for eternal youth. Tithonus slowly aged and Eos’love faded. She left him, but took kindness on him. She turned him into a cricket and placed him in a cage near her door. This way he could say good-bye to her as she left on her day’s journey



Preparation: Dark blue, silver or white altar cloth, one white candle. The ritual will take place at sunset or after dark.


Prayer: O dear Goddesses of light, we honor you on this dark day as we wait for the sun to be reborn. We have been traveling in the dark with the hope for the return of the light. We ask you Eos and Aurora to join us tonight as we welcome this day. This is a new beginning for us me as we look ahead to the New Year. Thank you for bringing the warmth of light. Blessed Be.

~Magickal Graphics~


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