Feng Shui Daily Tip for December 16th

Yum — today is ‘National Chocolate Covered Anything Day,’ an energy that’s really easy to swallow. Chocolate actually comes from a plant appropriately named theobroma, which translates to ‘food of the gods.’ These trees are thought to be native to South America and were brought to Mexico by the Mayan civilization. Consequently, both the Aztecs and the Toltecs extensively cultivated cocoa trees. In fact, those ancient Aztecs enjoyed a drink that is believed to be the forerunner of today’s chocolate milk treat. This beverage was also drunk only by men of the upper classes. Women were forbidden to drink this special concoction because of its purported aphrodisiac effects. So the next time you decide to engage an embrace, be sure to serve some sort of chocolate drink with your strawberries and watch the sparks fly as this food bears some sizzling fruit!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com