Totem Hummingbird Spirit Guide, Power Animal or Animal Familiar

Totem Hummingbird Spirit Guide, Power Animal or Animal Familiar


 Joanne E. Brannan

A hummingbird totem or spirit guide is nimble ally in Shamanic work, and with delicacy and lightness of touch comes great power!

Learn how to understand and work with a hummingbird power animal. Shamanic practitioners fortunate enough to enjoy a hummingbird spirit guide have a good natured and hardworking companion who will help them to achieve goals with agility and speed. Always regarded as a magical animal, the hummingbird makes a wonderful power animal with a wide range of powers. Do not be fooled by the light build and gentle nature of the hummingbird, he is a truly transformational creature! He brings bright colors and incredible skill to every aspect of his, and your, life.

Universal Hummingbird Shaman Symbolism

The hummingbird power animal has many positive characteristics:

  • The hummingbird is a remarkably long-lived and wise creature, his life force is strong and as straight as a laser.
  • The hummingbird is incredibly hardworking and energetic, he can lend you strength and steadfastness in your shamanic journeying.
  • Hummingbirds can often be revived from seemingly hopeless stupors with a little food, warmth and love. The hummingbird animal familiar signifies remarkable powers of renewal and resurrection.
  • A hummingbird power animal offers joyfulness with his persistent good natured love and support.

When Hummingbird Shamans should call on their Spirit Guide

A hummingbird power animal is of particular service to you, his Shamanic companion, when:

  • You find yourself to be tired or disheartened, your hummingbird spirit guide will be sure to comfort and encourage you.
  • A difficult situation calls for careful negotiations and skillful maneuvers, the hummingbird power animal will instantaneously find the best approach and the most tactful words.
  • You feel short of inspiration and creativity. The hummingbird totem animal brings an abundance of ideas and a fertile imagination.
  • You need a little sweetness in your life! Your hummingbird spirit guide can help you tune into the love and tenderness that are always present in any situation, even seemingly dark and desperate ones.

Hummingbird Animal Familiar Unlocks Deep Mysteries and Powers

With the company of your hummingbird power animal you will be both quick to react and remarkably powerful, though always gentle. Relax and ride with the uplifting energy of the good natured and hardworking hummingbird. Seek out the good things in life with the intense precision of the hummingbird, treat passing events with the lightness of touch of his wingbeats and persist with people and situations that are important to you with his persistence and strength!