Cornucopia Powder

Cornucopia Powder

This powder should be sprinkled over the head and about the home when a change of fortune is needed.When carried in a little yellow paper envelope to meetings and interviews it I said to draw the energies of success to the bearer, it is also used to make a success charm which is listed here.

You Will Need:

  • One Part Basil Powder
  • One Part Spearmint Powder
  • One Part Aniseed Powder
  • One Half Part Of Nutmeg Powder
  • Five Parts Of Talcum Powder
  • One-Eighth Part Of Citronella Essential Oil
  • A Glass Jar
  • An Apple Corer (For The Charm)
  • Pen And Paper (For The Charm)
  • An Apple (For The Charm)
  • White Wine (For The Charm)

The Powder:Place all of the ingredients above minus the apple corer, apple, pen, paper and white wine into a glass jar.

The Charm:

Write a brief description of your goal or aim onto a tiny piece of paper and roll the paper into a miniature scroll.

Using an apple corer, bore a hole halfway into an apple and retain the piece of apple removed.

Insert the scroll into the hold together with a sprinkling of cornucopia powder and replace the apple ‘plug’ removed when drilling the hole into the apple.

Place the apple in a jar and cover it completely with white sugar and white wine, place the lid on the jar and pray for success.

Put the jar beneath the bed or within a bedside cabinet, as the apple, sugar and wine ferments, so too does the energy of your goal.