Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, November 30th

The emotionally detached Aquarius Moon lures us into social activities because it’s easy to avoid personal feelings by losing ourselves in a crowd. We can participate in a group of like-minded individuals, while still maintaining a certain amount of anonymity. But we could make commitments that are difficult to fulfill, especially if we’re involved with political action as retrograde Mercury forms a stressful sesquisquare with overblown Jupiter.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You may be ready to celebrate if your future is looking brighter these days, but make sure that your imagination isn’t playing tricks on you now. Anyway, it isn’t necessarily a good strategy to focus your attention on what’s around the next corner when there is plenty to be done in the present moment. Today’s most intelligent course of action is to take care of your current obligations, without getting distracted by anything else.

Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

You are ready to try something new because it’s apparent that sticking to your old plan won’t help you reach your goals. However, you’re still tempted to play it safe as your fear of failure encourages practicality. Nevertheless, you’ll do better today if you can overcome self-doubt and take a calculated risk. You could miss an important opportunity if you don’t seize the moment and give it your best shot.

Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

You are quite clever at dancing around a decision in order to get out of making a commitment. Nevertheless, concentrating your attention on a singular goal could be your best possible move today. Normally, you excel at keeping several options open so you can wait until the very last moment before picking one. However, the sooner you choose now, the better your chance of success in your endeavors.

Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

The idea of being intimate with a special person may sound more attractive than actually doing it, because you might feel uncomfortable if you get too close to others today. It isn’t that you want to be isolated; you just need a bit more breathing room now. Maybe you’re not happy with your current situation and temporarily withdrawing is easier than confronting the truth. However, you can learn something significant about yourself by leaning into your fears instead of avoiding them.

Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Although you think that you’re moving through calm waters today, there’s still a large storm brewing on the horizon. Thankfully, you can prepare yourself so you won’t be caught off guard as the winds whip up and the seas grow rougher. Actually, you’re almost eager for an opportunity to show off your high level of competency. Ultimately, if you don’t become complacent, this growth experience can raise your profile and your self-confidence.

Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Normally you’re very focused and your ability to concentrate on the details helps you work efficiently. However, it could be more challenging today to bring your grandiose visions down to earth. You’re tired of having to be the one who is always practical and you want your imagination to lift you out of your current rut. Luckily, you can make magic now if you give yourself permission to be creative without worrying about the outcome.

Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You’re eager to discover new ways to enjoy yourself now with the non-conformist Aquarius Moon hanging out in your 5th House of Love and Creativity. Her indulgent semisquare to sensuous Venus makes it even harder to follow social etiquette. Nevertheless, you know that rude actions are unacceptable. There’s nothing wrong with seeking pleasure, but don’t overstate your needs or overstep the limits of good behavior.

Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You may be highly opinionated today so you need to be careful how you express yourself. It’s easy to put so much intensity into your words that others mistake your passion for anger. Fortunately, concentrating on the bigger picture frees you from any perceived negativity. Allowing for a variety of personal preferences now connects you with a more universal vision that inspires those around you.

Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You appear so clever today that you can amaze your friends and co-workers with your inspirational thoughts. But turning your visions into something tangible is quite challenging, especially if you’re off to the next great idea the moment after you share the previous one. Proving your intelligence could backfire now if you don’t take sufficient time to apply your common sense to your actions.

Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You may have an easygoing attitude about your obligations today, but you’re not likely as disengaged as you appear. It’s just that you are trying to balance your ambitions with more spiritual goals. You want some time to yourself for contemplation, which encourages you to be more sympathetic to other people’s needs, too. Ironically, this cooperative spirit enables you to accomplish even more in the long run, for it increases the good feelings between you and your associates.

Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You are motivated to be productive, yet you also want to take time and enjoy the camaraderie between you and your workmates today. However, this is tricky territory, for the Moon in your sign adds subjectivity and makes it harder to maintain a healthy perspective. It’s tough to know where to draw the line between work and play. Ask someone you trust for advice, but make sure you heed the feedback you receive.

Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your dreams usually guide you better than the facts, but you need to be very careful before following your intuition today. Take time to corroborate your hunches with someone else because you can be certain that you know what’s happening, only to discover that you missed an important piece of information. Your imagination is still a significant source of inspiration; just remember to do a reality check before jumping to any conclusions.