A Little About Drawing Powders

A Little About Drawing Powders

Spiritual supply stores sometimes sell really cute little bottles filled with some kind of powdery substance and labeled Drawing Powder. It’s better business for them if you purchase a few vials, however, it may be better business for you to take a trip to the grocery store instead. Although that name may be used to label a complex sophisticated Money Drawing Powder full of rare ingredients, technically plain old Drawing Powder is powdered confectioner’s sugar. Not sure if it works? Sprinkle some on the floor in a warm climate and watch armies of ants appear, magickally beckoned to draw close to the power.
To attract customers and financial sucess:
*Sprinkle a path of Drawing Powder from the street to the front door of your business.
*Sprinkle Drawing Powder into your cash register to beckon fresh cash to draw near.
*Sprinkle Drawing Powder into and over invitations your place of business as a magickal inducement.