The Precious Stone, Dracontias

The Precious Stone, Dracontias

Dragons have a precious stone, called the dracontias, in the forehead. This stone is credited with amazing powers of many kinds. For the stone to hold its powers, however, it had to be removed before the dragon was dead. There is a story of such a stone acquired and then kept within a family for centuries. About 1345 the Chevalier do Gozano, who was later Grand master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, killed a dragon on the island of Rhodes. It is unclear how he managed to extract the dracontias before the dragon died; it was said that if the dracontias was extracted after death it lost its power. This stone, about the size of an olive and beautifully colored, became a family heirloom. On several occasions this dracontias was put into water; the water was boiled and drunk as an antidote to poison and disease, with complete recovery by the ill person.

“Dancing with Dragons”

D. J. Conway