The Anatomy of Magical Power

The Anatomy of Magical Power

Author: Iritar


In my teaching, there are some key basic elements to each and every pagan’s spiritual path that emphasize the power of each practitioner. Whether you are just starting your path or have been on your journey for many years, it is important to return to these basics in order to grow past hurdles when you feel that every corner is filled with roadblocks that impede your growth.


I cannot stress this enough. Practicing and maintaining good visualization exercises helps to construct energies within yourself and from the divine source (s) you follow. Without being able to see that energy, you are not capable of casting circles, putting up spiritual defenses or see your magic being sent out.


This goes hand in hand with visualization. By following one of two meditation techniques (and swapping between them as you feel led) you can let your higher self and the powers that be guide you around the roadblocks. Using proper meditation techniques such as getting comfortable, setting the atmosphere with incense, candles and music will allow you to get better results.

With Focused Meditation, you are looking to direct your energy for a purpose whether that is health, peace, love, etc. This is where you retain an image within your mind, whether moving like a movie or still like a photo. Focused Meditation is also a good place to instill commands to yourself that will accelerate specific tasks to “snap you into it”.

For Christians, Psalms 23 and the Lord’s Prayer are two distinct ways for them to immediately focus on peace, spiritual defense and assurance. By reciting these passages, it allows them to take a predetermined “emotion” and resurrect that emotion instantaneously without a lot of prop and circumstance.

Pagans can do the same. I use a reinforcement phrase in my meditation that will allow me to instantly surround myself with spiritual defense. I use the phrase, “Shields Up”. Although I’m not a Trekkie, I use the visualization of the defense shield from the series as a way of protection. As I performed the visualizations of those shields in my meditation for self-protection, I reinforced this with the phrase. This allows me to quickly throw up my spiritual defenses without much focus in everyday life.

Another form of meditation is Intuitive Meditation. This is a free form style meditation where you don’t focus at all like intentionally daydreaming. You should protect yourself before you begin by putting up your defenses and then clear your mind briefly. I usually visualize a white sheet of paper with no lines for the canvas of my meditation, holding it in my mind for a few minutes. Allow your eyes to unfocused and relax. As the images come in, allow them to flow and pay attention to everything you see. Usually these images will show you what you should work towards, reveal the mysteries in your life and even allow you to see what’s ahead of you.

After your meditation is done, document them in your journal and you can plan Focused Meditation sessions to examine what you need to more closely.

Emotional and Spiritual Balance for Protection

Building off the visualization exercises and meditation, you need to protect yourself from negative energies and spiritual attacks. Not all attacks are within the physical or from a being you know. Some negative forces are drawn to your spiritual light like beetles to lights in the darkness.

Follow the codes of Harm None and understand the Law of Three. All indoctrinations have variations of these principles. The easy explanation is what you send out will come back with a punch. Do what you will, avoid imposing against someone’s will even with good intent.

I usually ask permission from people when doing spell work from them. If I chose not to disclose my spiritual beliefs to someone, I ask them if I can pray for their need in my own way to request that permission.

Avoid the negativity; you don’t need it in your life.

Rites and Ritual

Follow the codes of your coven if you are in one, but also establish your own practices. Do what feels right from you when communing spiritually one on one with your deities. Some people need detailed ritual work to enter that communion where the magic flows; others can instantly open themselves up by simply asking their deities to stop by for a visit.

If you are a solitary practitioner, establish your own journals and Book of Shadows. Read and study, but if you feel restraint in following a ritual like not being able to remember the exact words of someone else’s ritual you read, make your own.

The issue at hand is that if it feels like work and you cannot break through, then it is work. I associate this much fun to doing my taxes. Ritual should never be a burden.


If you are just beginning your life path, it is good to look at samples of other people’s spells. This can help you find your own structure and what you need to be successful in your practice. I strongly encourage creating your own spells as simple or as complex as you need. You can chose to incorporate what elements are right for you such as what kind of incense to use, if any, calling the elements, herbs and recitals.

If you are in a group or coven, ask them for guidance and learn group spells and rites. This will instill harmony in group spell works and communion.

Resist Pride and Envy

No one has all the answers or they wouldn’t be here. No matter how powerful you feel that you have become or how close your walk is with your deities, understand that you still have something to learn. Avoid competing with other practitioners and don’t measure yourself against them.

Each of us is on a personal journey. We should never look down upon another because what they need to know will be revealed to them when they are ready. You can offer a general word of assurance and aid if needed, but do not feel that you have to tell them what they need to do unless you perceive they are asking for your help.

Be open to share with others, but if you encounter opposition to the knowledge you share, know where to end it peacefully. Avoid challenges by weighing those challenges against your beliefs and avoid debates. If the emotions start feeling tense during a conversation where questions are arising, you are going to far. Stop, center yourself and listen willingly to the other part. If they are wrong, they will discover this themselves even if it means the hard way. That is their path.

Fear that someone is trying to take control of your group (even if they are) will become self-defeating. Use your protection guards and wards. Speak truth and do not seek to tear others down. This is a good way to weed out the deceit and negativity from the group. Those remaining will become more enlightened and grow by leaps and bounds.


Que Se, Que Se. What will be will be. Don’t lose focus on your spiritual path and start will the basics if you are feeling stagnant. Avoid negativity and realize it when you are the source of it. Discharge it and get rid of it.

Avoid feelings of guilt, betrayal and loss. If you are having problems with these, address them with meditations and reinforce their removal through spells and rites that are of your construction.