Doggie of the Day for November 11th

Shaolin, the Dog of the Day
Name: Shaolin
Age: One year old
Gender: Male Breed: Chow Chow
Home: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Shaolin is special because he super nice and bring joy to all other dogs and people. He loves to play in the snow.

Shaolin was born in a shelter to his one-year-old mother. He and some of his siblings were rescued by Chow Chow rescue of Central New York. The rest of them (including his mother) were all adopted, either by the shelter or the rescue group. His mother lives in Virginia and we have contact with her and a few brothers and sisters through FaceBook. Shaolin has his own page and is friends with chows all over the world at Shaolin Chow Panda!

We adopted Shaolin when he was four months old, right after Christmas of 2010. By this time, he was completely housebroken and very happy and secure. We have found Shaolin to be a very well-mannered, polite dog. He is very interested in other dogs and is always well-behaved, no matter how they behave. He is good with nervous or somewhat aggressive dogs. He does not start trouble, but he does not back down either. He approaches all dogs and people first expecting that they are going to be great friends, and he is always right. He loves small animals and is calm enough that we sometimes let him visit with some of our pet rabbits.

Being a chow, he can be a bit stubborn and even a little aloof with strangers at times. But he has never acted mean or aggressive toward anyone, just disinterested. Shaolin isn’t really big on tricks (other than licking his lips with his big purple tongue on command) or games. He is usually serious, but a few times a day he will act a little silly and run around in circles, just hoping anyone will chase him.

We knew right away when we got Shaolin that he was going to be a great dog. When Shaolin came here, it was very cold in Canada. We knew that it was going to be very important to keep him properly socialized with other dogs and people. So along with his daily neighborhood walks, we also made the effort to take him out a few times each week to a park nearby. He loved running around there in the snow and visiting with other people and dogs. I am sure that he cannot wait until it gets cold again.

We also thought that it would be great for him to have a dogmate, so we found a border collie – shepherd mix named Panda who was rescued from an Amish puppy mill. They are great friends and get along very nicely. Even though she is younger and much smaller, Shaolin lets Panda be the boss. She is a bit selfish and pushy, but he is a good older brother and very maturely lets Panda be herself. They love visiting dog parks together and Panda herds Shaolin if he gets to far away from her.

Shaolin, the Dog of the Day