Today’s Goddess: Nicneven

Today’s Goddess: Nicneven
Halloween (Various Locations)
Themes: Protection; Ghosts; Divination; Peace; Winter
Symbols: Pumpkins; Gourds; Traditional Halloween Fare


About Nicneven: In Scotland, Nicneven is the Crone goddess of Samhain, which is the predecessor of modern Halloween festivals. Nicneven governs the realms of magic and witchcraft and also represents the imminent onset of winter.


To Do Today: In magic and Celtic traditions, this is the new year – a time when the veil between worlds grows thin and spirits can communicate with the living. Follow the usual customs of carving a pumpkin or turnip for protection and to illuminate the way for family spirits to join you in today’s celebrations.


In druidical tradition, Samhain was a time to rectify any matters causing dissent. Nicneven provides the magical glue for this purpose. Take a white piece of paper on which you’ve written the reason for anger in a relationship, then burn it in any hallowed fire source (the pumpkin candle, or ritual fires). As you do, ask Nicneven to empower the spell and destroy the negativity completely.


To inspire Nicneven’s wisdom or magical aptitude within, enjoy traditional Halloween fare – apple pie, for example, brings sagacity. Sparkling apple cider tickles magical energy. And root crops provide solid foundations and protection while magical creatures are afoot!.

By Patricia Telesco